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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Most Important Thing

The first poem!
Written and edited (and copyrighted) by Mae Arnold
Listen to the audio version

The most important thing

“The most important thing
is how you walk across the Fire,”
a writing soul
once heard
an elder say.
She thought
that once these words were said,
they had the meaning
meant to say-
not just to you, child,
and nay,
to those who listen,
to the wise;
-do not tremble
on your footsteps many,
the fire ahead
has caught many a soul
in the trap of fear.
But those who make it
will not doubt
the power
still at hand.

A child once said,
“The most important thing
is how you walk across the Water.”
For only One
completed that task.
The child was wise,
and so too the writing soul,
and the restless soul,
and the shouting soul.
Crying out,
and walking
across the embers,
to start the Fire,
and end the Water.
Both to end the soul.

Yet the wise child
knew not of the perils
sure to come
across the embers hot.
Walking, then running,
crying out
in pain
to fill her lungs
with air,
and rest the feet,
upon the scalding fire.
And lo, the child more
than I shall be
was wise,
beyond a compromise.
She walked across
the fire well,
and did not tremble.
For she knew the task to
walk on water
had been done.
So she would not drown,
after the fire.


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